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President Sarah Conboy

Senior. Communications Major. Art History & Digital Media Studies Minors.

Interned at: Cosmopolitan & Seventeen, Levi’s, The New York Post & Calvin Klein.

Currently at: Editorial Intern at Coveteur.


Favorite brand: Valentino.

Favorite thing about Profashionals: The community that we have built of hardworking, like-minded individuals!

How Profashionals has helped you: All of my professional skills have been developed & honed because of this club. I would not have the amount of experience I do without the resources Profashionals has provided me!




Vice President Madison Terry

Junior. Communications Major. Graphic Design & Fashion Marketing Minors.

Interned at: Asher Levine, Rent the Runway, Editorialist & Moda Operandi.

Currently at: Creative Marketing Manager at Seams Lovely & Graphic Design Intern at Chillhouse.


Favorite brand: Saint Laurent & Chloé

Favorite thing about Profashionals: The constant inspiration and motivation I constantly feel by being a part of an organization with people who have the same "passion for fashion" but all across the board within the industry.

How Profashionals has helped you: I definitely wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for attending all of the interview and resume workshops as a Freshman. I really looked up to the people on the e board and they taught me everything I know. It's so rewarding to continue in their footsteps and do the same for others!





Presidential Advisor  brennan bodin

Junior. BBA International Management Major. French Studies & Fashion Marketing Minor.

Interned at:  CollegeFashionista, BPCM, Esquire Magazine, Rent The Runway, Roger Vivier, TOD’s.Currently at: Barney’s New York.

Favorite brand: Them Browne & Dior.

Favorite thing about Profashionals: Through this organization, we have been able to connect the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow. We have shaped students’ careers by providing professional skills and tips that will help them surpass their colleagues. There is something truly magical what we are doing here.

How Profashionals has helped you: I owe a great amount of my success to those that came before me in this organization. It was the founder and the former president that have helped me reach more of my potential. This organization has provided me with a support system to help us all achieve our goals.




Treasurer Justin dahlgren

Junior. Economic Major. Spanish Minor.

Currently interning at: Iris Covet Book


Favorite brand: Versace.

Favorite thing about Profashionals: The thing I love most about Profashionals is the community that we have. Everyone in the club is always looking out for each other, sharing contacts and giving advice. We have built a strong network in the industry, and all of our members contribute to growing the network through their active participation in the club.

How Profashionals has helped you: Besides helping me get more involved in the Pace community when I came here as a freshman, it has helped me professionally as well. Profashionals has taught me how to network and succeed in interviews, no matter what industry, fashion or otherwise. The club provides a tremendous amount of individual attention, and this has served to strengthen everyone collectively, including me.


Secretary  Owen Mayle

Sophomore. Communications Major.

French Studies & Graphic Design Minors.

 Interned at NYLON Magazine.

Currently Interning at: Public Relations intern at

Comme des Garçons / Dover Street Market New York.


Favorite brand: Céline & Alexander Wang.

Favorite thing about Profashionals: I came to New York with the idea that the fashion industry was cutthroat, but through Profashionals I realized that most people want to see you succeed in life and will help you to do so.

How Profashionals has helped you: I don't think I would have gotten my first internship at NYLON Magazine without the professional development that I gained through Profashionals.



Events Director Natalie mulesky

Sophomore. Communications Major.

Interned at: Levi Strauss & CO.


Favorite brand: Dior, Saint Laurent & Moschino.

Favorite thing about Profashionals: The amazing people I've been able to work with, and the opportunities I've had, from planning major off campus events to doing the makeup on  photoshoots for content creation for our Instagram!

How Profashionals has helped you: Profashionals has given me experience and skills for my resume without having interned before and eventually led me to my previous internship. I feel very lucky to work with the organization!